Simi and Shan met 2018, eating Pizza, in Canggu – Bali. We fell in love super fast and soon realized that our goals in life are aligned. As surfers and travelers we want to share our journey and encourage others to do the same!


Channel Islands

In late 2015 I decided I quit my job and move to Bali. It was the most drastic decision I had ever made in my life – it was the most painful one – and also the best one. It meant having to give up everything I had, including my own identity as a fairly successful, level headed, intelligent, individual. It also meant having to give up a loving relationship of 4 years, a well paying and stable job as a program director at a major university, and many of my worldly possessions, including my home and my car. I also feared judgement by family and friends. I was afraid to look like a failure. In fact some friends thought I was losing my mind. Thankfully though, my closest of friends understood what I was going through and had faith in me and my decision.

Interestingly, it wasn’t much a of decision at all. My life had come to such a boiling point that I had felt I had no choice but to change or loose my sanity all together.

In the 3 years that followed, I travelled to Indonesia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, and the Philippines and experimented with new ways of living. Surfing had become a major cornerstone of my lifestyle. I felt more and more like I was expressing my authentic self. Life became easier and lighter. And although challenges still arose, I felt a certain lightness and flow to the way I lived, as if a huge burden had been lifted off my back. I came to realize that this burden was the burden of expectations – expectations I felt had been imposed upon me by society and by my parents. Although they had wanted the best for me, I was trying to live up to an ideal that wasn’t my own.

In those 3 years I also engaged in constant introspection, I wanted to understand how I had reached a breaking point in my life resulting in such radical change. In addition to surfing, which helped me clear my mind and stay present, meditation and yoga became a part of my regular practice. I also attended many psychotherapy sessions, enabling me to dig deep, unravel and understand many past traumas, mental blocks, and self limiting behaviours.

Ultimately my new path became clearer, and the concept of Surf Play Love began to solidify. Surf Play Love represents our individual quest for self-actualization. It represents the on-going journey of personal growth, as we become more aware of ourselves and our unique creative potential. Surf Play Love is a community of people who help and support each other on this journey.

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During my studies as a vet, I traveled as much as possible. Basically I spent all my money on traveling and thought myself a travel addict.  Eventually, my relationship with traveling changed.

First traveling was just an adventure. Summer, party, paradise. It was all about meeting new people from different countries, and seeing incredible places. But along the way, I started to ask myself some questions: What is life about? What do I want in my life? What does success mean for me?

After each trip, I started to struggle with going back home.  And as soon as I arrived, I started to plan the next adventure.

During this time, I had two realities: the colorless one back home in Switzerland, where I was fulfilling the expectations of my parents and society, and the colorful and inspiring one while traveling. Abroad, I felt truly free and started to get an idea of how my way of life should look.

After university in 2018, I took a huge step. I decided to live the life of a digital nomad. I left home to go on my personal adventure and follow my own path.

Although I still can’t answer all of my questions, I feel that I’m heading in the right direction. The rhythm of my heart is taking me around the world. I even started surfing! Living my own lifestyle, I’ll dive head first into the unknown 😉

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