What are the best Canggu hostels? What are the different neighborhoods in Canggu?  As a frequent traveler and periodic resident of Canggu, I try and answer both of these questions in this blog post. 

There are three main areas in Canggu: Berawa, Batu Bolong, and Echo Beach.


The Neighborhood:

Berawa is a slow-paced part of town with a hipster vibe. The neighborhood is a bit spread out, so renting a motorbike or bicycle from your hostel or a local shop is ideal.  Berawa is home to many nice little restaurants with amazing food and a huge modern beach club called Finns located right next to the ocean.

There is a direct road from Berawa to Canggu that goes through a beautiful rice field.  People in town call it the “shortcut”. The quality of the road can be quite bad at times with several pot holes. It can also get exceptionally crowded especially during rush hour. 

The Surf:

The Berawa surf break has a punchy wave more suited for intermediate to advanced surfers.  Beginners should be cautious and surf it only during a small swell.  It can be fast and steep and sometimes hollow.  Berawa works best at low tide, but beware of shallow portions of the reef in front of Finns Beach Club.  During the right swell, Berawa can be very powerful and offer both long right and left handers. 


La Boheme Canggu
La Bohem- Canggu Hostel

La Boheme Canggu is a brand new hostel that opened in September 2017. It is located  5-10 minutes away from Berawa Beach and Finn’s Beach Club. You are surrounded by delicious restaurants and amazing cafes. The hostel provides free Wi-Fi, a pool, and 24/7 free pancakes. The atmosphere is always great and the place is very clean. Personally I feel the beds are a bit hard, but this is a question of taste 😉

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Batu Bolong

The Neighborhood:

The Batu Bolong area is the middle part of the town and is centered along a main road called Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong. This is the PARTY part of town! Here you will find many bars and clubs, the most popular one being Old Man’s. Old Man’s is located right at the main beach, Batu Bolong. Old Man’s is a huge bar and very popular in the surf and backpacker community.

Another popular venue is Pretty Poison which pops off every Tuesday and Thursday night. There is a huge skate bowl where both local and foreign skaters try and outdo each other for the crowd.

Another venue worth mentioning is The Lawn, situated directly on the beach in Canggu. The big party at The Lawn happens on Friday nights. During the evening, The Lawn has a dress code for men prohibiting tank tops/singlets, in an attempt to portray a more upscale vibe. There is a beautiful infinity pool with a view to the ocean making it an ideal place for sunset cocktails and Bintangs.

The Surf:

The surf at Batu Bolong is great for beginners and intermediates, and can also be fun for long boarders of all levels, fish riders, or anyone who enjoys a flatter, fatter wave.   It can be exceptionally crowded at times though, and the barrage of flying longboards and foamies that escape the grips of less experienced surfers can be a bit frightening.  There is another break a couple of hundred meters northwest of Batu Bolong called Old Man’s (not to be confused with Old Man’s Bar).  It is faster and steeper than Batu Bolong, making it a bit more fun for intermediate to advanced surfers.  Old Mans has an amazing left hander that can go for over a hundred meters, and occasionally, on the right swell, a huge roaring right hander can open up and give you the ride of your life.  Old Man’s is the favorite surf break of Shan and Simi (the authors of this blog). 


The Tipsy Gypsy Hostel
Tipsy Gypsy -Canggu Hostel

The Tipsy Gypsy Hostel is well located and has a great social, party atmosphere.  It is close to the beach and to “Old Mans” bar.  It’s a great place to stay if you are looking to meet new people. If you are not into the party vibe, or like to go to bed early, this might not be the best for you.

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Base Guest House and Surf Hostel
Base - Canggu Hostel

Base may be a bit further out but it’s worth it for the social atmosphere and beautiful decor. You can still get to the beach by foot, but it’s most convenient to rent a scooter. The beds are super comfortable and the place is very clean! I love the modern interior and the spaciousness of the rooms. Try and book Base in advance because it’s often fully booked!

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The Farm Hostel
Farm -Canggu Hostel

The Farm hostel is situated between rice fields and tropical gardens. It has an atmosphere and vibe that centers around nature and wellness, providing activities such as yoga classes and excursions.  Although a bit further from the beach, this hostel is a favorite among backpackers. 

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Echo Beach

The Neighborhood:

Echo Beach is a bit further northwest of the Old Man’s surf break. Set on a high vantage point overlooking the ocean, there are many delicious seafood BBQ restaurants.  The area is stunningly beautiful at sunset and can be best enjoyed with a cocktail or Bintang at the La Brisa beach bar. 

The Surf:

The surf at Echo beach is best suited for advanced intermediate and advanced surfers. It is a reef break and can be quite shallow.  The wave is fast, steep and powerful, requiring a quick take off, and is perfect for the gnar shredder to show off his/her aerial maneuvers. 

Hostels in Echo:

Oceanhub Hostel
Oacenhub -Canggu Hostel

Steps away from the popular Echo Beach in Canggu, the Oceanhub is a Balinese-style hostel that offers a safe, comfortable, and friendly space and relaxed atmosphere. It has a vibe perfect for surfers. The garden of the hostel is lush and beautiful and offers a slack-line. The beds are comfortable and they even have a small kitchen.

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Lay Day Surf Hostel
Layday - Canggu Hostel

This place is pure party and was the first hostel I stayed in back in the day when I was in backpacker mode. The beds are very comfortable, the place is clean, and the atmosphere is great.  You immediately meet people and make new friends. It’s a bit further out, but worth it! The party usually starts poolside in the common area and later moves to one of the venues around town. 

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We hope you’ve found this post about Canggu hostels helpful.  Is this your first time in Bali?  If so, perhaps you will find this Bali reference guide handy.

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