I figure it’s okay to have an office with a surfboard rack and a play park nearby

Where there’s a smoothie stand just a few feet away where I can recharge

It’s okay to have an office where some people speak to me only in Spanish, and others lightheartedly call me “Mr. Shan”

Where little children run around and play, and puppies greet their other puppy friends with a kind of excitement only puppies display

It’s okay to have an office where pretty girls run the frozen yogurt place next door, and chat with me about how the surf was this morning

Where the local restaurant serves food that is hearty and filling, and only takes cash

And the woman who runs the Laundromat muses about her childhood home in Dominican Republic

It’s okay to have an open-air office without walls or air conditioning, but a few ceiling fans to attenuate the tropical heat, in a mini mall named Gabby’s after the owner’s 5 year old daughter

It’s okay to have an office that’s not really an office at all, but a place with decent wifi where I can plug my laptop and get some work done for a few hours out of the day