In April of 2015 I suddenly found myself a passenger on the back of a motorbike racing at ungodly speeds through the chaos of Indonesian traffic on the highways of Kuta. The driver was a pretty and bold blonde friend from the states who had never driven a scooter before, let alone in South East Asia. As we flew past police, and in between other drivers at 60-80 km/hr, I felt like my life was balancing on the head of a pin. If you’ve never ridden on the back of a motorbike before, there are no seat belts, or anything to keep you securely in place. All that keeps you from hitting the pavement is the invisible force of trust. It’s hard to trust someone who has never driven a motorbike before, yet despite scrapping a wall with the handlebars when navigating through a narrow alley, we made it to our destination safe and sound.
Although I doubt I will put my life in the hands of an inexperienced driver again, this event became a very important metaphor for me – a metaphor of trust and faith – trust in myself to make the correct decision, or make adjustments when I miss the mark – and also trust in the universe that it knows what it’s doing. I’ve heard scientist and spiritualists alike talk of the universe being in a state of evolution into greater, more complex, and more beautiful forms of expression. At the moment, it seems humans are the pinnacle of this evolution on our planet. Not only are we an expression of the universe’s organizational complexity, but we too have become agents of its desire to create. As an inextricable part of the universe, we are its eyes to explore itself – we are its hands to express its creative energy, and we are its minds to dream up new possibilities. In this light, there are no mistakes, just learning experiences and opportunities to reach new levels of awareness. And with this point of view, fear gets replaced with trust and faith. The unknown is always scary – a vacuum for our minds to anticipate worse case scenarios. But the unknown is also a blank canvas of infinite possibilities, experiences, beauty, and creative potential.